Heavy snowfall triggers accidents across China’s eastern provinces

World Today

Local authorities are warning residents to stay safe, as heavy snowfall triggers accidents across China’s eastern provinces. CGTN’s Sun Tianyuan reports.

The first snowfall of 2018 has proven deadly in East China’s Anhui province. A woman was killed, and over 20 others were injured, after at least five bus stop ceilings collapsed.

The city of Hefei has been hit by heavy snowfall since Wednesday. People have been taking public transport during the city’s morning rush hours. As passengers waited for a bus on Wednesday, the accident happened.

A billboard damaged by snow fell onto their bus stop and the injured were rushed to a nearby hospital.

A 61-year-old woman died despite receiving medical treatment.

City authorities said a thorough investigation of the incident has been launched. Schools and kindergartens have been suspended.

People are reaching out to help others during the blizzard. Photos and videos of a police officer lifting broken wires to help vehicles pass underneath recently went viral. Chinese netizens praised the public worker for his extraordinary service.

“I was just doing my job to ensure smooth and safe travel for people,” Traffic Police Officer Xiong Chen said.

Another snow-related accident occurred in Nanjing on Thursday. A snow-laden tree hit a passing sedan. Luckily no one was injured.

“I saw it coming and stepped hard on the brakes. But the road was too slippery. Then I heard the tree go “BAM” on my wind shield. It was completely shattered,” said the owner of the car.

Nanjing is expected to experience more snowfall later on Thursday. Local authorities have warned residents and tourists to remain cautious.