Stars to wear black in solidarity against sexual harassment at Golden Globes

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Rita Watnick, fashion expert and founder of Beverly Hills boutique Lily et Cie which specializes in luxury vintage clothing shows off her latest finds.

The Golden Globes marks the start of the 2018 Hollywood awards season when the stars of television and film hit the red carpet in their finest. 

But this year, expect to see something very different and it has everything to do with the growing battle against sexual harassment and assault.  CGTN’s May Lee has the story. 

The 75th Golden Globes Awards won’t have the usual variety of color on the red carpet. Instead, it’s very likely to look more like a sea of black. A call to action is asking everyone to wear black to the event to show solidarity against sexual harassment. 

Ever since producer Harvey Weinstein and other powerful men were exposed for sexual misconduct and assault, there’s been a growing movement against harassment. 

#MeToo has fast become a viral phenomenon. And more recently, Time’s Up, a coalition led by powerful women in entertainment launched to help victims of sexual harassment in every industry. 

View some of the black gowns at Lily et Cie

Rita Watnick, fashion expert and founder of Lily et Cie, a luxury vintage clothing mecca in Los Angeles, has dressed some of the most famous faces including Renee Zellweger and Penelope Cruz. 

Watnick has a stunning collection of black haute couture gowns that would be ideal on the all black red carpet. She’s a firm believer in the far reaching power of fashion.

“There’s nothing really new about fashion activism” said Watnick. “And I think basically as a culture, we do things that identify us as parts of groups, and I think this is yet another way of saying where you stand and how you feel. During the suffragette movement…I think a lot of them were reluctant, but they wanted to show their support, and so what they did is they usually wore jewelry or accessories that had the color amethyst or yellow so they could show their support. In the 60s, when people wore miniskirts, it was a very important time.”

And just a year ago, perhaps the largest statement through fashion in history took place around the world in the form of the Women’s March when millions wore pink hats. 

So expect to see a lot of glamorous black attire on Sunday at the Golden Globes and thereafter. The all black call to action includes every awards show for the rest of the season right on up to the grandest of them all, the Academy Awards. 

Mary Curtis discusses fashion activism at 75th Golden Globes

Hollywood’s ‘Party of the Year’ is Sunday night in Los Angeles. The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards celebrate the best in film and American television, but this year, actors and actresses are using their fashion to send a message about sexual harassment. Mary Curtis, an award-winning journalist and columnist with Roll Call, discusses with CGTN’s Wang Guan.