Man’s musical band strikes a chord in retirement

World Today

A man in northeast China is changing his tune. He’s retired and has now discovered a unique way to spend his days.

As CGTN’s Frances Kuo explains, his new pastime is striking a chord.

He’s not a professional musician, nor classically trained – but that means very little to those passing through a park in Shenyang City.

“In my 50’s, I used to think how my life would be during my 60’s and wondered what I would do then,” said retiree He Changsheng. Now He Changsheng is 70 years old, and he’s figured it out.

He and his amateur musical partners have formed a small band. They even made their own instruments which took four years. The raw materials include bamboo, withered tree parts and old appliances.

“I used to think of entertaining people, as I believed it’s good for health,” said He Changsheng.

Gao Hongjiang, another retiree, agreed, and he joined in. “Now with life getting better and since we have no burdens, we gather together for fun. Isn’t it good?!” exclaimed Gao.

He Changsheng said it’s important to have a hobby when you’re older. He encourages his random audiences to sing along and make their own dreams a reality.