Meeting with China’s Xi, Theresa May readies for post-Brexit Britain

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Meeting with China's Xi, Theresa May readies for post-Brexit Britain

Beijing said the China-Britain “Golden Era” is on a fast track, as British Prime Minister Theresa May visits China.

As CGTN’s Roee Ruttenberg reports, President Xi Jinping met May on Thursday.



China and the U.K. agreed to embrace a “Golden Era” of relations back in 2015, when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited London. Now in Beijing, Xi and British Prime Minister Theresa May are putting that commitment into motion.

The two leaders oversaw the signing of billions of dollars in deals this week. May hailed it “a first step” towards a bilateral trade deal that many see as crucial to a post-Brexit Britain. She stopped short of endorsing Xi Jinping’s prized Belt and Road Initiative, but agreed to further talks.

For his part, Xi proposed ways to further promote relations, including people-to-people exchanges, highlighted during May’s visit to a tourism center. Additionally increased cooperation within global institutions, like the UN, the G20, and the WTO was agreed to.

May’s talks with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang focused on trade.

“We have reached a consensus that as the world major economies, China and the United Kingdom should work together to maintain free trade,” Li said. “We are willing to make joint efforts to push forwards the globalization process.”

For her part, May said Britain was willing to work with China to promote a global strategic partnership.

“We are both countries with global outlook. And as the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union, we’re going to be more outward looking and looking to enhance our relationships around the world,” May said. “This relationship with China is an important part of that.”

Both sides have agreed to build a finance and technology park in Xiong’an New Area, part of an effort to help develop the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. A China-U.K. Innovation Industrial Park will also be built in East China’s Shandong Province.

On Friday, May will travel to Shanghai, where she’ll conclude her China visit.

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