The Heat: China’s economic outlook for 2018

The Heat

Better than expected growth for the Chinese economy in 2017 – but what does it mean for the year ahead?

China’s economy grew by nearly 7 percent last year – almost half a point ahead of its projected growth rate.

It’s the first time since 2010 that the economy has grown more than the previous year. While the Chinese government projection for 2018 remains at 6.5 percent, many observers wonder if China’s solid 2017 growth will carry throughout this year.

But a series of challenges confront the economy, the markets and policymakers this year and there are very few simple solutions.

CGTN’s Joel Flynn reports on that economic outlook for China in 2018.

To discuss China’s economic growth and the road ahead:

    • Xu Sitao is chief economist and a partner with Deloitte China.
    • Amy Celico is a principal and hed of the China team at the Albright-Stonebridge group.
    • Yan Liang is a professor of economics at Willamette University.
    • Adam Posen is president of the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

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