The Heat: Syrian civil war

The Heat

Syria Civil War

It has been nearly seven years since the start of the Syrian conflict.

Human rights organizations estimate almost half a million people have been killed and more than 12 million displaced, half the pre-war population.

This week, the government forces launched a heavy strike against Eastern Ghouta. More than 400 people were killed since Sunday, according to monitoring groups.

CGTN’s Alaa Ebrahim reports from Damascus.

To discuss:

  • Juliette Touma is the regional chief of communications for UNICEF.
  • Andrew Parasiliti is the director of the RAND center for Global Risk and Security and former editor of
  • Bassam Abu Abdullah is a political analyst and professor of international relations.
  • Alexander Mercouris is a lawyer and the editor-in-chief of The Duran.

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