NYT: UN report links DPRK to suspected Syrian chemical weapons program

World Today


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea may be helping Syria with a suspected chemical weapons program, according to a confidential United Nations report obtained by the New York Times.

CGTN’s Nick Harper reports from New York.
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The report has not been released to the public, but according to the Times, said there have been at least 40 shipments from the DPRK to Syria since 2012. Included in those shipments were missiles parts and key materials needed for making chemical weapons. Workers from the DPRK also reportedly made several visits to missile and chemical facilities in Syria.

The U.N. Security Council may be briefed on the report as soon as this week.

This comes as the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is now investigating a suspected chemical weapons attack that occurred Sunday in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta. At least one child died in that attack, while others showed signs of chemical exposure.

Unlike in previous investigations, however, the OPCW will not be assigning blame for the attack.

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has said his government will consider joining U.S. strikes on Syria, should the use of chemicals weapons be proven.