Brazil experiencing economic gains but job seekers struggle to find work

Latin America

Brazil’s economy is on a path to recovery. But for some, finding a job can still be challenging. With some 12 million out of work, it can take over a year to find a job.

CGTN’s Paulo Cabral talked with some of those struggling to get ahead.

Eighteen months ago, Pedro Azevedo left the small company he was working for as he graduated with a degree in Business Administration. He’s had more than 20 job interviews since but no solid offers. And it’s not for lack of effort. He continues to scour job postings, send out resumes, and network on-line but with little success.


According to a recent survey by Brazil’s Credit Protection Service, unemployed workers now take on average about 14 (14.07) months to find a job, up by roughly two months over the time it took in 2017 (12.15 months).

The survey also found 61 percent of people are willing to work for less money than they made in a previous job.

Unemployment fell slightly in the final quarter of last year – to 11.8 percent. But that’s still historically high and that means it can take Brazilians a long time to find a job – especially low skilled workers.

While the forecast is generally bright for Brazil’s continued economic recovery this year, millions of its people are still waiting to feel the benefit in their own lives.

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