The Heat: “Black Panther” and Oscar’s preview

The Heat

It cost about $200 million to make. But in just over two weeks Marvel Studio’s Black Panther is setting new box office records, cruising past $704 million en route to over a billion in ticket sales.

But for many, Black Panther can’t be judged merely by profits alone.

CGTN’s May Lee explains that the film is seen as something much greater – a groundbreaking celebration of black culture.

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  • Wilson Morales is a film critic and the editor-in-chief for
  • Yesha Callahan is the deputy managing editor of – an online magazine focusing on African American and popular culture.
  • Melina Abdullah is professor and chair of Pan-African Studies at California State University in Los Angeles.

The Academy Awards will be handed out in Hollywood this weekend.

CGTN’s Phil Lavelle takes a look at some of this year’s nominees.

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