Investigators confirm nerve agent used on ex-Russian spy

World Today

It seems like the plot of a spy thriller movie, a double agent poisoned in the UK.

But it’s real life and we now know the Russian ex-spy and his daughter were targeted with a nerve agent.

The police officer who found them is also in the hospital.

CGTN’s Olly Barrat has more on this mystery from London.

Authorities at Scottland Yard now confirmed an a nerve agent was used in an attack on Sergiei Skripal and his daughter on Wednesday.

Police said the attack was deliberate and is being ruled as attempted murder. They would not divulge additional information about the nerve agent. A police officer who responded to the attack is now also in serious condition after being exposed.

Medical officers say the threat to the general public is low risk.

Skripal was with his daughter Sunday in Salisbury when the attack occurred.