The Heat: Summit of the Americas

The Heat

About 20 leaders from North, Central and South America have begun arriving in Lima, Peru for the eighth Summit of the Americas.

The meeting comes at a time of regional political instability and change. And against a backdrop that includes the ongoing attempt to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, tension between the United States and China over potential tariffs, and the possibility the U.S. may decide to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

CGTN’s Dan Collyns reports from Lima.

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To discuss all of this:

  • Luis Carlos Battista is a Cuban lawyer and political consultant.
  • Michael Johns focused on developing countries as a policy analyst for the Heritage Foundation.
  • Qinduo Xu is a senior researcher at the Pangoal Institution.
  • Roberta Braga serves as the assistant director of the Atlantic Council’s Arsht Latin America Center.

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