Cardinal steps in to help restore peace amid unrest in Nicaragua

World Today

There is a renewed effort to restore peace in Nicaragua.

But is it coming too late? Angry demonstrators have flooded the streets in recent days, challenging the rule of President Daniel Ortega. More than two dozen are dead with hundreds injured or imprisoned.

CGTN’s Sean Callebs, explains what’s at stake.

Widespread looting, coupled with protests from Nicaraguans furious that the country’s president Daniel Ortega planned to overhaul social security system. Ortega canceled the planned changes to the social security system and, while he is blaming right-wing insurgents for the violence – there is no question the fuse is lit.

More than two dozen are dead —including students, journalists, and a police officer. Hundreds of people have been injured. The country’s Episcopal Conference is agreeing to step in, listen, and work with all sides to find a peaceful way forward.

Ortega had said, he would not take part in any negotiations with pre-conditions, but he is agreeing the church’s plea. Hundreds of students have been rounded-up during the protests are starting to be freed. They have their heads shaved and allege torture at the hands of authorities.

Since the outbreak of violence more than a week ago, Ortega’s government has urged the collection of workers, employers, and pensioners back to the negotiating table. But observers say the demonstrations have taken on a life of their own ..and spread beyond the frustration of social security cuts. And, now many are wondering if Ortega –who has been in power since 2007 – can withstand the intense pushback.