The Heat: China-US trade and DPRK nuclear talks

The Heat


China and the United States have concluded two days of trade talks in Beijing. 

Both sides had frank discussions on a range of areas as they try to resolve their on-going trade dispute. Issues like U.S. exports to China, two-way investment and tariffs were on the agenda.

Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi made a visit to the DPRK this week where he met with its leader Kim Jong Un.

The meeting comes as efforts to resolve nuclear issues on the Korean Peninsula continue.

CGTN’s Nathan King reports.

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To discuss all of this: 

  • Dennis Wilder is a former special assistant to U.S. President George W. Bush and is the managing director of the Initiative for U.S.-China Dialogue on Global Issues at Georgetown University.
  • Victor Gao is an international relations expert and analyst.
  • Jacques deLisle is a professor and director of the Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Song Zhang is Washington Bureau Chief for Shanghai Wen Hui Daily.

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