At least 23 deaths being investigated in DR Congo as infection spreads

World Today

There have been 23 deaths believed to be linked to an Ebola outbreak and more than 40 suspected, probable or confirmed cases.

But they’ve been in a relatively isolated area in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s northwest.

CGTN’s Robert Nagila reports.

News of a case in the major city of Mbandaka changes the dynamic. Mbandaka has a population of a million people and it sits on the banks of the Congo River, a major route for trade and transport into the capital, Kinshasa.

The Congo Republic is on the other side of the river. Health Minister Oly Ilunga Kalenga said authorities will step up attempts to trace possible contacts in and out of Mbandaka.

Even before this announcement, officials were trying to track down around 4000 people all over the country’s northwest, who may have had contact with the confirmed Ebola cases.

The World Health Organization has flown in an experimental vaccine. The Health Ministry said vaccinations will start early next week. More than 300 body bags also have been flown in.

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