California’s “Jungle Primary” crucial for balance of power in Congress

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Tuesday is Primary Day in eight states, but the state getting the most attention is California. That’s because voters there could either push the “Blue Wave” forward or flatten it.

CGTN’s May Lee has more on what’s at stake. 

Californians headed to the polls Tuesday in one of the most crucial primaries. The results could tip the balance of power in Congress. Some are saying this is a make or break moment for Democrats. 

But what makes it a bit more nerve-wracking is this is a top-two primary, also known as a Jungle primary. Only the top two vote-getters, regardless of party, advance to the general election in November. That could spell disaster for Democrats in some districts where dozens of candidates are on the ballot. That could split the vote, which could result in two Republicans moving on to the general election, and Democrats being left out in the cold. 

Democrats have been talking about the Blue Wave. To be successful, they have to flip 23 seats in the House. Ten of the competitive races are in California and five of those seats are currently held by Republicans. Democratic groups have spent millions of dollars to try and win those seats. 

The key in the primary will be voter turnout. Historically, primary turnout in non-presidential years is notoriously low among Democrats and Independents in California, while Republican turnout is more consistent. In this primary, Republicans have also sent in more absentee ballots. 

It could be several days until the final results are determined. But one thing is for sure, this primary will have an impact all the way to Washington D.C. and beyond.