Israel says death of young Palestinian medic was not ‘deliberate’

World Today

Razan Najjar is a 21-year-old medic who was shot and killed by Israeli troops during a protest at the Israeli border with Gaza.

Najjar was treating wounded protestors, and wearing a vest indicating she was a paramedic when she was shot, according to observers and Gaza health officials.

Protesters have been involved in clashes with Israeli military ever since protests began in March.

Thousands of people gathered in the streets of Gaza for her funeral.

The Israeli military said “no shots were deliberately or directly aimed towards her,” but added that an “examination is ongoing.”

“She was my mother, my sister, my love, my friend and everything. She was my first happiness. I have never dealt with her as a daughter. We were friends. She was the healing balm. She will leave a huge vacuum at home,” said Sabreen Najjar, who is Razan’s mother.

Najjar is the 119th person to be killed by Israelis since March, according to a count by Gaza health officials. Israel maintains that their military has never acted illegally against the protestors.