The Heat: G7 Summit

The Heat

U.S. trade disputes with the European Union and Canada take center stage at the G7 Summit in Charlevoix, Canada.

It’s the first time world leaders are meeting face-to-face with U.S. President Trump after he imposed steep tariffs on their steel and aluminum industries.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls the tariffs insulting and unacceptable. French President Emmanuel Macron calls them unlawful and a mistake. But the U.S. President is not backing down.

CGTN’S Roee Ruttenberg reports from Quebec City.

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To discuss:

  • Remi Piet is the Senior Director for Americas Market Intelligence and a research fellow with the University of Miami’s European Union Center.
  • Brian Becker is the executive director of the ANSWER coalition.
  • John Kirton is the director of the G7 Research Group.
  • Dan Perkins is businessman and conservative commentator. 

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