Trump withdraws support for G7’s final communique

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In this photo made available by the German Federal Government, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, center, speaks with U.S. President Donald Trump, seated at right, during the G7 Leaders Summit in La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada, on Saturday, June 9, 2018. (Jesco Denzel/German Federal Government via AP)

The second and final day of the G7 Summit started with a working breakfast. The U.S. President Donald Trump missed the casual socializing beforehand because he showed up late once again. 

CGTN Roee Ruttenberg has the story from Quebec City.

The morning talks focused on a gender equality and women’s empowerment. The White House said Trump would depart Quebec immediately afterwards.

Before he did, Trump held an impromptu press gathering, where he offered his thoughts on a range of topics, including trade.

“We want and expect other nations to provide fair market access to Americans exports and we will take whatever steps necessary to protect American workers against unfair trade practices,” Trump said.

He also said America was being robbed and blamed past U.S. leaders for letting it happen. The president said he would no longer let this happen. He also defended the recent import duties his administration slapped on imported metals, many originating in G7 states.

The summit continued without him. A session on the environment, oceans, clean energy and climate change, that included leaders from the developing world, joined the summit as guests.

Outside, protesters urged the G7 states, which make up around half of the world’s GDP, to focus on economic justice.

Police in riot gear march alongside some masked protestors in the old sector of Quebec City, Quebec, on the second and last day of the G7 Summit June 9, 2018. (AFP PHOTO / Geoff Robins)

The Canadian host, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, was determined that this year’s gathering be seen as a success, despite public tensions between Trump and other members ahead of the meeting.

“The president will continue to say what he says at various occasions. What we did this weekend was come together, roll up our sleeves and figure out consensus language that we could all agree to on a broad range of issues,” Trudeau said.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses a press conference at the conclusion of the G7 summit in La Malbaie, Quebec, June 9, 2018.
(AFP PHOTO / Lars Hagberg)

Trudeau also vowed to impose retaliatory tariffs on the U.S starting July 1st.

Meanwhile, next year’s G7 host French President Emmanuel Macron said the group remains committed to its core values, with or without the U.S.

French President Emmanuel Macron addresses a press conference at the conclusion of the G7 Summit on June 9, 2018 in La Malbaie, Canada. (AFP PHOTO / Ludovic MARIN)

“The G7 enabled us; showed the efficiency of a European front. This is very important for Europe to be able to act together […] Then it was also an opportunity to listen to a number of misunderstandings on trade and also to make sure there were no further disagreements.” Macron said.

In a last-minute twist-by-tweet, Donald Trump lashed out, again.  He called Trudeau a weak leader and said the U.S. would not sign off on the G7’s final communique.

In the end, the document meant to reflect consensus is now highlighting division.