Colombian families still search for loved ones after an eruption in 1985

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It is considered the fourth deadliest volcanic eruption in modern world history. Colombia’s Nevado de Ruiz brought on devastation in 1985 when it unleashed a flood of lava and mud that engulfed the town of Armero.

Tens of thousands were killed. But it’s what occurred in the aftermath of the disaster that was particularly harrowing – child survivors who were given up for adoption even though some of their parents were still alive.

Correspondent Michelle Begue has the story from Colombia.

Incidentally, the deadliest volcanic explosion in modern world history occurred in Indonesia. The year was 1815 when the volcano Mount Tambora erupted. The resulting death toll was over 70,000.

The second deadliest volcanic explosion also occurred in Indonesia in 1883. The world’s third worst eruption happened in 1903 in the Caribbean nation, Martinique.