Brazil needs stoppage time goals to defeat Costa Rica, 2-0, at World Cup

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Brazil breathes a sigh of relief. Its team scored two stoppage-time goals to beat Costa Rica 2-0.

But the hard-won victory has many fans worried about its chances for winning the Cup.

CGTN’s Paulo Cabral has details.

After a victory with two goals scored in stoppage time, after the end of the second half, there’s some concern with the performance of the national team.

Football analysts say Brazil’s performance against Costa Rica was not bad, but it was not good enough to secure the Cup.

They say Brazilian superiority could be seen during the match, as Brazil broke Costa Rica’s defense lines and kicked to the goal much more often than its opponent.

But Brazil’s players had trouble scoring, so much that only during stoppage time did the winning goals come, with the first by Philippe Coutinho and the second by star player Neymar.

Fans watching the match here in central São Paulo said it was a tough match to watch until the very end, but now they trust that their team will do better.

Despite a victory with two goals scored in stoppage time, after the end of the second half, there’s still some concern with the performance of the national team.

“I was holding my breath from the beginning of the match to the last minute,” said fan Diego Rocha, “but the coach made good substitutions in the second half and we were able to score two goals. It was great.”

“I suffered so much!!” said Stefany Martins. “It seemed that the goal was not coming and we had already accepted it would be a draw and were afraid we’d be out of the tournament… and then they scored!! It all worked, thank God!”

“It was tough but it went well,” said Claudemar Martins. “The team had to work hard… But there’s no victory without a battle.”

Fans here are still confident that their team can be the 2018 champions despite their struggles in the first two matches, and they’re still in good spirits for the tournament

Support remains high for coach Tite, who took over the team in 2017 and managed to lead it in a victorious campaign in the qualifying phase of the tournament

The team did not lose a single match in the qualifying phase and also had a good showing in friendly matches.

Brazil will play against Serbia next week on Wednesday. A victory would secure Brazil’s advance to the next phase while a draw would make their fate dependent on other results within the group.

There’s concern now with the performance of the country’s biggest star player Neymar, despite his scoring the second goal in today’s match.

Most analysts say he has not yet shown all his potential, and there are signs that he’s still feeling pain in his right foot which may be limiting his game.

Brazilians are not yet fully satisfied with their team’s performance but still believe it may win the Cup.

Anything short of returning as champions is considered a total defeat.