EU holds informal migration summit Sunday

World Today

Tightening borders and strict migration laws have led to an informal summit in Brussels Sunday.

CGTN’s Kevin Ozebek reports on what’s expected at the event.

Ahead of a informal summit set for Sunday migration is deeply dividing the EU.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel requested this summit to keep her coalition at home afloat.

Her interior minister is pressuring her to keep Germany’s borders closed to migrants who’ve already applied for asylum elsewhere in the EU.

Italy’s new populist Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is coming here with the aim making other EU countries take in more migrants to relieve Italy of the thousands its hosting.

We’ll see if the German chancellor and the Italian prime minister can leave Brussels on Sunday on the same page when it comes to where they want EU migration policy to go.

Not all 28 EU leaders are attending Sunday-but they will all be on Brussels on Thursday for a formal EU summit.

Migration will be discussed again then-and the goal of the European Commission is to have that summit end with a clear consensus on where the bloc should go regarding migration policy.

For more on the migration crisis facing the European Union, CGTN’s Susan Roberts spoke with Policy Analyst and Program Coordinator Susan Fratzke from the International Migration Policy Institute.