The Heat: Afghanistan Ceasefire

The Heat

As Muslims begin the observance of Eid al-Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice, the Afghan government is calling for a truce with the Taliban.

President Ghani announced a three-month conditional cease-fire on Sunday during celebrations of Afghanistan’s independence. There’s been no formal response from the Taliban.

And, on Monday, more violence. Afghan forces moved against Taliban units in northern Kunduz province in an operation to rescue hostages taken by the Taliban just hours before during an ambush on a convoy of buses. Latest reports say 149 people were freed, as fighting continued to free others. 

The prospect of a new ceasefire comes amid an upsurge in Taliban attacks and bombings over recent months that has left hundreds dead.

CGTN’s Rahim Faiez has the details from Kabul.

To discuss:

  • Omar Samad served as the Afghan Ambassador to France and Canada and is currently the CEO of Silkroad Consulting.
  • Hamid Arsalan is an Afghan analyst and a national security specialist with the National Endowment for Democracy.
  • Raza Ahmad Rumi is a visiting faculty at the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs, Cornell University.
  • Rebecca Zimmerman is a policy researcher with the RAND Corporation.

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