New company provides power naps to sleep-deprived New Yorkers

World Today

New York is called the city that never sleeps. But studies show that many of the people who live there aren’t sleeping either. Researchers argued they’re more likely to suffer from various health problems.

CGTN’s William Denselow has more on what’s being done to solve them.

Some estimate that New Yorkers drink nearly seven times more coffee than people living elsewhere in the U.S.

According to a series of studies spearheaded by New York University’s School of Medicine and the city’s Department of Health, 41 percent of New Yorkers have problems with sleep.

After interviewing more than 1,500 New Yorkers, researchers found the number of people watching at least three hours of television or videos online every day jumped 32 percent compared to a decade ago. Experts believe this is leading to people sleeping less and say it’s impacting adults and children alike.

“One of the core issues is the way it affects mood and focus, and really the ability for people–think of anybody who’s been sleep deprived, we’re not at our best,” said clinical psychologist Michael Fraser. “We tend to be more impulsive; we tend be maybe more fidgety.”

One of the report’s authors says bisexuals are 40 times more likely to have issues sleeping compared to heterosexuals.

“Minorities, including sexual minorities, may have increased risk for poor health because of the increased stress, including stigma and discrimination,” Dustin Duncan, associate professor of Population Health at the NYU School of Medicine said.

But help for some New Yorkers may be within reach. New York may be known as the city that never sleeps but some are trying to change that. A company called Nap York opened earlier this year, with the goal of providing people in the city with the chance to get a little shuteye during their busy day. Customers can come in for a 30-minute power nap or even longer.

“So sleeping, you don’t think of that,” Nap York’s Community Director Reza Moreno said. “You think of working out, you think of your nutrition, but no one thinks of sleep.”

Wellness may be trending but studies show that New Yorkers are feeling less well. Obesity is up and residents are now ordering takeout or eating at restaurants almost four meals every week. And with more than eight percent of New Yorkers exhibiting symptoms of depression, some experts say public health is an issue the city can’t afford to sleep on.