Chinese FM Wang Yi attends new embassy opening in the Dominican Republic

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Chinese FM Wang Yi attends new embassy opening in the Dominican RepublicPhoto from AFP

China’s State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi was in the Dominican Republic for an important date, inaugurating his country’s embassy in the Caribbean nation. The two countries recently established diplomatic ties and it was an opportunity to talk about hopes for their future as new global friends. CGTN’s Nitza Soledad Perez with the story.

The Chinese embassy in the Dominican Republic is officially open. Foreign Minister Wang Yi inaugurated the new facilities five months after the two nations established diplomatic relations. The Dominican Republic’s government broke ties with the Taiwan region, a move that allowed the new alliance to develop.

“China and the Dominican Republic are separated by a large geographic distance. However, great Chinese thinkers a thousand years ago said that intimate friendships can overcome distances. This phrase from this poet perfectly describes our sense of excitement in this moment” said Wang Yi, during the opening ceremony.

The Dominican government wasn’t shy stating its intentions. Leaders here want access to the Chinese market as the Dominican Foreign Minister, Miguel Vargas, stated during the press conference offered by the two ministers. “This is about not turning our backs to 20 percent of the world’s population and what China means for us in areas of technology and industrialization. Without a doubt this will contribute to the development of the Dominican Republic and benefit the two nations.”

Some Dominicans are concerned about an influx of Chinese laborers, fearing outsiders will take their jobs. Local media brought up the question. “What’s coming to this country, thanks to the establishment of diplomatic relationships, are not simple Chinese workers. They will be technicians, necessary for the development of this country. And certainly they will not be Chinese workers who steal jobs from the population of this nation. They will be tourists contributing to the enrichment of the local people, ” responded Wang Yi.

Current investments between China and the Dominican Republic amount to almost two billion dollars. And Wang Yi said that it now makes the country, China’s largest trading partner in the Caribbean. Both nations clearly want to keep expanding their economic partnership. The Dominican Foreign Minister specifically referenced tourism — one of the pillars of this nation’s economy, saying he hopes to soon see Chinese tourists visiting Dominican landmarks.