Demonstrators across France demand action to curb climate change

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Demonstrators across France demand action to curb climate change

Crowds gather across France to demand action on climate change. Some used a phrase from U.S. President Donald Trump, a climate skeptic. Their signs read: “Make our planet great again.” This weekend’s demonstrations come one week after a U.N. report warned of ‘catastrophe’ unless there are drastic changes. CGTN’s Stefan de Vries reports from Paris.

On what is probably going to be the hottest October day in history, thousands and thousands of people are marching in the streets of Paris to ask their government to take action against climate change.

It is 27 degrees Celsius today, 10 degrees above the October average. The extreme temperatures seem to become the norm and that’s worrying more and more people

One woman said she was there for her young son, to make sure he will have a bright future. All ages took part in the rally. One older demonstrator acknowledged his contribution to climate change.

“I know I’m responsible,” he said. “We were blind to the conditions that we are seeing today. The situation now is very, very serious.”

Younger demonstrators said they were there to insure the safety of the world they would inherit.

“It’s important to safeguard our planet, for our future and that of our children, when we are grown,” said one young girl.

“My sign says ‘Sauver la planete’ which means ‘Save the Planet’, because maybe one day it will be too hot,” said a young boy.

This is the second in a series of monthly demonstrations to demand action against climate change. On Saturday, people were not only marching in Paris, but in more than 50 other French cities, as well as Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. The people marching here hope that it’s still not too late to save our planet.