The Heat: Peacekeeping missions in Africa face challenges

The Heat

Of the 14 current U.N. Peacekeeping missions, half operate on the continent of Africa.

In the Central African Republic, nearly 13,000 troops from around the world protect civilians amid a protracted civil war.

But the mission hasn’t escaped controversy as reports of sexual assault by UN troops have made headlines and marred what some call the most difficult mission in the world.

And, it’s the deadliest mission for peacekeepers – 75 U.N. troops involved in the Central African Republic have been killed since the mission there started in 2014.

To discuss the latest on the mission mandate:

  • Parfait Onanga-Anyanga is the U.N. Special Representative for the Central African Republic and head of that mission.

South Sudan is the site of one of those peacekeeping missions. It also holds the distinction of being the world’s youngest country.

But it’s been gripped by a civil war for more than 5 years that has left millions displaced and hundreds of thousands dead.

CGTN’s Patrick Oyet reports.

To discuss the unique problems facing South Sudan:

  • David Shearer is the U.N. Special Representative for South Sudan and head of the mission there.

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