The Heat: US imposes new economic sanctions on Iran

The Heat

Iran Nuclear Deal

Monday marks the first day of a new wave of economic sanctions on Iran.

This time, the U.S. government is focusing on Iran’s biggest export – oil.  But, its granted temporary waivers to some of Iran’s biggest trading partners.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took to the Sunday talk shows to explain the American position.

Notably left out of the waivers? The European Union. Despite a close alliance with the United States, the EU issued a strong rebuke upon announcement of the new round of sanctions. The EU is also working hard to maintain the Iran nuclear deal that the U.S. pulled out of last year. Iranians took the streets over the weekend in protest of the sanctions.

To discuss all of this:

  • Mohammad Marandi is a professor at the University of Tehran.
  • Negar Mortazavi is an Iranian-American journalist.
  • Matthew Karnitschnig is chief Europe correspondent for Politico.
  • John Sitilides is geopolitical strategist at Trilogy Advisors, a firm specializing in international security, government affairs and political communications. 

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