An interview with Brazil’s newly-elected Congresswoman Joice Hasselmann

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Congresswoman Joice Hasselmann with Correspondent Paulo Cabral.

From political commentator to Congress. A journalist who gained popularity as a conservative commentator has been elected to Brazil’s Congress. And she won by a record number of votes.

During Brazil’s 2018 presidential elections, feminist groups mobilized against candidate Jair Bolsonaro. They even launched what is called the #NotHim movement.

But Brazil’s new president will have a key female ally in the National Congress. Her name is Joice Hasselmann.

She made electoral history by receiving the highest number of votes for a woman to the lower Chamber of Deputies.

Correspondent Paulo Cabral met the newly-elected Congresswoman and sat down with her for an interview.

Joice Hasselmann and her fellow representatives will take office on February 1st – one month after the presidential inauguration.