Listen to CGTN America on Your Phone

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CGTN America

Now you don’t need to be near a television set to get all the global news from CGTN America.

If you can’t get to a TV or digital device to watch our broadcasts, you can still listen.

CGTN America, and AudioNow (the world’s leading ‘call-to-listen’ platform) announce that you can now hear CGTN America programs on-demand – from anywhere in the United States, at any time and at no extra charge – on U.S. mobile phones by calling 650-475-8180. You can also listen in your car through Bluetooth.

If you missed any of our programs, you can access them through the menu when you call in.

CGTN provides breaking news, award-winning in-depth reporting and analysis in English – and from a Chinese perspective – to viewers in the United States, China, and more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

Listeners can hear CGTN America programs 24/7 – and from anywhere in the United States – by simply calling 650-475-8180. The calls use mobile minutes instead of data, and incur no surcharge.

“Our mission is to inform English-speaking audiences in the United States and beyond with breaking news that matters,” said Ma Jing, CGTN America’s Director General. “AudioNow helps us reach audiences beyond our ever-expanding broadcast footprint.”

“We’re proud to partner with CGTN America,” said AudioNow Chairman and CEO, Elan Blutinger. “This alliance advances our own mission of providing universal mobile access to news and information from both radio and television broadcasters.”