Detroit Auto Show: Global carmakers ramp up electric car production

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Detroit Auto Show: Global carmakers ramp up electric car production

The race to win the electrified vehicle market appears to be rolling along, with the likes of Ford, Volkswagen and Cadillac all committing to produce a host of electric cars in the coming years. But are countries ready for such a major shift?

CGTN’s Dan Williams has the story from the city of Detroit.

The Detroit Auto Show has featured the launch of some breathtaking new vehicles. From huge trucks to some of the fastest production cars ever made.

But much of the buzz has centered on cars that are not even here.

Many of the main automakers are on the verge of releasing a number of new electric vehicles.

Cadillac will launch its first EV in 2021.

Lincoln and Ford are promising electric options on their upcoming models.

Volkswagen’s ID Crozz will go into production this year. The company has committed to bringing 15 electric vehicles to the global market by 2025.

“Our goal is to put people into electric vehicles,” Matthew Renna, Volkswagen’s Vice President of Electric Mobility said. “And the concept behind this is that when we industrialize this platform at scale, we’ll start to see those scale effects and create a price position that’s actually compelling for consumers.”

The only EVs launched at this show were concept vehicles, such as the “Entranze” from Chinese Automaker GAC and Nissan’s ‘IMs’.

Although Infiniti’s first electric vehicle effort, the ‘QX Inspiration’ failed to make it onto the stage at launch. But the company is promising an electric production model in the near future as it targets the China market.

“I think there is a lot of energy towards EV. All manufacturers in China including the Chinese manufacturers are really going full speed on electrification and EVs specifically,” Christian Meunier, Infiniti’s Chairman and Global President said. “I think there is a big push towards charging station and infrastructure which is a critical component of it, so they are going to give all the rational reasons for people to buy an EV.”

The excitement around electric vehicles within the auto industry is clear to see with a host of EVs set to hit the market. But there are questions as to whether the overall infrastructure in many countries is ready for such a major change on a larger scale.

“How long did it take to set up the petrol stations, the gas stations to get the diesel to the right places across the planet. We’re really in the same place when it comes to electrification, “Matt Jones of Genivi Alliance said.

“What is the industry doing? What are the existing infrastructure providers doing about actually providing the electrification needs in terms of charging on these longer journeys.”

The auto industry looks set for a radical change in the coming years. The race is on to be ready for it.