Full Frame Close Up: The Chalk Creatures of Ann Arbor

Full Frame

David Zinn is a street artist and illustrator from Ann Arbor, Michigan. After college, he freelanced for a variety of commercial clients, which kept him busy, but also indoors on his computer.

One beautiful sunny day, Zinn decided to go outside with the box of chalk a friend bought him as a joke. Liking what he created, he then began drawing all over town, creating what would quickly become well-known sidewalk creatures, like Sluggo the green monster, Phil the flying pig, and Louise the prickly porcupine.

Most of his creatures appear on the sidewalks of Michigan, but because of the internet and social media, Zinn and his crazy characters are now known all over the world.

We caught up with him on the streets of his hometown for this week’s Full Frame Close Up.

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  • Executive Producer: Monna Kashfi
  • Producer: Kurt Gardinier
  • Cinematography: Eric Courtney
  • Video Editor: Kamran Taherimoghaddam
  • Graphics: Tian Lan