Mexican President marks 100 Days in office with high approval rating

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Mexican President marks 100 Days in office with high approval rating

Upon completing his first 100 days in office, Mexico’s president delivered a sweeping speech to his nation Monday touting his efforts to end corruption, decrease crime-related violence and grow the economy. CGTN’s Franc Contreras reports.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador started the day with another 6:00 AM security cabinet meeting. Then he gave an abbreviated version of his daily early morning news conference, telling reporters they have the right to criticize him.

A few hours later, in the patio of the National Palace, he delivered a wide-ranging speech touching on his government’s major initiatives during his first 100 days in office.

Security is high on his agenda. Lopez Obrador’s government pushed forward constitutional changes allowing for the creation of a national guard. He said that will eventually give him up to 150,000 new troops to fight violent crime.

“Before the creation of the national guard, past presidents only had 10,000 federal police to deal with security problems harming the country. This explains in part why previous administrations were only able to contain violent crime, but not reduce it as we hope to do,” Lopez Obrador said.

Just weeks after being sworn into office, AMLO, as he is known across Mexico, confronted the problem of fuel theft. That led to temporary fuel shortages in January. Later, fuel thieves sparked a massive explosion that killed more than 100 people in Hidalgo state.

Immigration from Central America is another major challenge. Lopez Obrador said his government will not use force against migrants.

Political analyst Ricardo Pascoe wonders how AMLO will pay for all his government projects.

“What we have is a conflict between his social policies and his economic policies. And it is this conflict that characterizes the first 100 days of this government,” Pascoe told CGTN.

Case in point – Mexico’s energy sector. Lopez Obrador said his government will continue to invest in state-run oil and electric companies.

“We are going to turn Mexico into an economic power with social dimensions. We have many natural resources, honest working people and our government is up to the task. I appreciate the support of the business community,” Lopez Obrador said.

Polls published this month indicate Lopez Obrador has one of the highest approval ratings in modern history, with nearly nine out of ten Mexicans backing his Presidency.