The Heat: Brexit chaos

The Heat

It’s been an extraordinary few days at the House of Commons in London as a bitterly divided British parliament debated Brexit.

Almost three years after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, on Thursday British MP’s backed a motion to seek a delay of Brexit from the EU. Here’s the moment the vote was announced, “the ayes to the right 412, the no’s to the left 202. So the ayes have it. The ayes have it. Unlock.” But what happens now as a March 29th deadline quickly approaches for the UK to exit Europe? 

CGTN’s Hannah Hoexter reports from London.

To discuss:

  • Wayne Fitzgerald is a City Councillor and  Chairman of Peterborough Conservative Association. 
  • Gordon Guthrie is a former candidate for the Scottish National Party and author of “Winning the Second Independence Referendum – a manifesto for Scotland and EU after Brexit”
  • David Smith is the Washington bureau chief for The Guardian.
  • Alan Wager  is a researcher and analyst for The UK in a Changing Europe

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