Brazil’s president woos business leaders during first US state trip

World Today

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro is hoping to coax more investment from U.S. business leaders. He met with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce during his first official visit to the U.S.

CGTN’s Owen Fairclough has details.

A pitch to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce from the president known as the “Tropical Trump.”

“We are ready to hear you, so together we can reach good agreements, and our policies can bring peace and prosperity to Brazil and the U.S.,” Bolsonaro told the group.

Bolsonaro has a right-wing populist agenda similar to that of U.S. President Donald Trump, including cutting taxes and red tape to attract foreign investment. And like Trump, whom he meets on Tuesday, Bolsonaro wants socialist Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro out of office, recognizing instead Juan Guaido as legitimate leader.

“We believe in, and count on, the United States, so this objective can be achieved,” the Brazilian leader said.

With Brazil now leaning right after years of left-wing rule, Bolsonaro will be rewarded on this trip with the status of “major non-NATO ally.” That means stronger military ties, but there appear to be limits.

A Brazilian government source told Reuters Trump isn’t expected to back Brazil’s bid to join the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, a move that would help legitimize its investor-friendly status. But the U.S. president is known for his opposition to multilateral organizations.