The Heat: Race for the White House

The Heat

It’s beginning to heat up. A diverse field of nearly two dozen Democrats are off and running for the right to challenge a Republican president mired in investigations, a trade war with China and an approval rating hovering in the mid-40’s.

With the first democratic debate set for next month, this should be a dramatic year in U.S. politics.

CGTN’s Nathan King has this report.
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To discuss:

  • Joe Madison is a longtime civil rights activist and the host of a program on Sirius XM’s Urban View Channel.
  • Julio Ricardo Varela is the digital media director at Futuro Media Group and the founder of
  • Amy Holmes is a political commentator and columnist for the Swiss weekly “Die Weltwoche”.
  • Frank Sesno is the director of George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs.

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