The Heat: Manama Economic Conference

The Heat

Dubbed Peace to Prosperity, the Manama economic workshop is off to a rocky start.

Palestinians are boycotting the conference. They say it fails to address the core political issues, key to ending the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Israeli side meanwhile, has been snubbed by the White House. Government officials didn’t get an invite to the event.

Which begs the question, what progress can be made, without either the Palestinians or Israelis at the table?

To discuss:

  • Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard Law Professor Emeritus.
  • Bernard Avishai, a professor of Political Economy at Dartmouth College and a regular contributor to the New Yorker magazine.

For more on the Manama Economic Conference:

  • Moien Odeh, Attorney focusing on human rights and international law.
  • Khalil Jahshan, executive director of the Arab Center in Washington D.C.

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