Climate protesters take the stage at Frankfurt Motor Show

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Climate protesters take the stage at Frankfurt Motor ShowClimate protesters take the stage at Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Motor Show is meant to showcase the latest in automobiles. But, climate protesters have taken center stage this year at one point blocking the entrance to the expo.
From Frankfurt, CGTN’s Guy Henderson has the story.

The police were expecting them but didn’t disperse them. About a thousand protesters lining the entrance to Sunday’s Frankfurt Motor Show and calling for climate justice.

They are chanting, “We have to act now. Our world is in danger. And the politics is either do nothing or not enough. So it’s mandatory to take action”.

Passing them occasionally groups of cyclists calling for the same thing.

“They will not change anything because they get money from the car lobby – so we have to be loud and say we want this change, or they will take us for fools”.

Members of the public – parents, children amongst them may have underestimated their resolve. Some who tried to enter were forcefully pushed back. This man was injured. Police then bolstered their numbers

And briefly tried to help Motor Show ticket holders through which didn’t go down well. Even with this paramedic. So after some discussions, the demonstrators were once again allowed to hold the line.
At least 15 thousand people turned out on the streets of Frankfurt on Saturday. On Sunday, there’s a much smaller group. But one that had promised to actually disrupt the Motor Show. And they’ve done exactly that.

Visitors were left searching for another way in.

One says, “These nitwits have no idea what they’re talking about.” But there is an issue with climate change isn’t there? “My personal opinion is the gasoline is too cheap”.

All this left long queues at the side entrances

Before some of them were blocked too. Inside numbers seemed lower. Though organizers have been reluctant to criticize. Eckehart Rotter, Spokesperson for the Frankfurt Motor Show is one such example.
“We have some in common: both are wanting to save the planet. That means how can we reduce CO2 emissions.”

It is how on which they strongly disagree.