Hong Kong protesters attack Xinhua news agency

World Today

 Violence flared in anti-government protests in Hong Kong again this weekend, as protesters attacked the offices of China’s official Xinhua news agency building.

CGTN’s Toby Muse reports.

In the first attack of its kind against the iconic building, protestors broke windows, sprayed graffiti and set a fire in the lobby of the building, located in the Wan Chai district.

Other demonstrations in Hong Kong were peaceful, as participants demanded political freedoms.

There were disturbances across various districts of Hong Kong. In one case, police fired tear gas and used water cannons as protesters blocked roads and tossed petrol bombs.

The police said two passers-by were attacked by the mob.  In a statement, Hong Kong police tweeted: “Police have zero-tolerance against all violence against innocent citizens. Arrest actions in the areas are underway. Police warn rioters to stop brutalizing citizens.”

The on-going clashes between the police and protesters are making some residents afraid to leave their homes.

Two Hong Kong journalism associations condemned Saturday’s vandalism of the Xinhua offices and called for a stop to the violence, urging police to deal with it.