Geopolitical Expert John Sitilides explains Iraq’s response to the U.S. following the Soleimani assassination

World Today

In this Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020 photo, released by the Iraqi Parliament Media Office, shows Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohammad al-Halbousi, heading a session of parliament in Baghdad, Iraq. The Parliament voted in a favor of a bill on Sunday, requesting the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the country. The non-binding vote to end the presence of 5,200 troops requires the approval of the Iraqi government. (Iraqi Parliament Media Office, via AP)

Iraqi politicians have pushed back against the United States, following the killing of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani.

The parliament passed a non-binding resolution, calling for U.S. and other foreign troops to leave Iraq, as a backlash in the country grows.

John Sitilides, a geopolitical expert, explains what is happening in Iraq and the U.S. response.