Life inside Wuhan’s temporary hospital

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Life inside Wuhan's temporary hospital

They might be temporary hospitals. But these facilities in Wuhan have provided much-needed treatment. They are also trying to meet the basic needs of patients, including Halal food for Muslims.

CGTN reporter Ge Yunfei takes us inside one of them.

Wuhan’s 7 makeshift hospitals are the city’s newest lifeline. They’re often referred to as the most important medical centers in town for treating Covid-19 patients.

But speculation surrounds them on social media. This is Wuhan International Convention center, one of the first makeshift hospitals, open since February 4th

On the 10th, when I first visited the 1,000-bed hospital, there was already a wait to get admitted.

MISS SHEN COVID-19 Patient “I am somewhat concerned. I think I’m recovering well, but I’m afraid that the seriously ill patients might infect me here.”

25-year-old Miss Shen has been put in isolation in a hotel. She says here, she can at least get better medical care.

MISS SHENCOVID-19 Patient “When in the hotel, they don’t conduct nucleic acid tests as often as here. So I can’t know the real-time situation of my body.”

78-year-old Hu Xueliang has been in this hospital since day one.

Reporter: I saw lots of posts on social media saying the situation here is pretty bad. How do you feel about being here?

HU XUELIANG COVID-19 Patient “I think it’s OK. Everyone has their own opinions. But at least for me, it’s fine. Nothing to complain about. They’ve tried their best to meet our needs.”

Most of the people here are mildly ill patients, so they can basically take care of themselves. I met a middle-aged woman who is waiting in line to fetch some hot water.

Reporter: Is life convenient here?

Shen Fenghui: It’s fine. We have to understand each other.

Reporter: How about going to the toilet?

Shen Fenghui: It’s OK. You have to wait in line.

Reporter: How long do you need to wait?

Shen Fenghui: We don’t need to wait long for the toilet. But to get boiled water, you need to wait for a long time.

Days ago, there was a picture of a gentleman reading calmly in bed here that went viral on the internet. We met the man here.

MR FU COVID-19 Patient “I’m recovering right now. I’m all good. I’m now reading a novel. There is a bookcase over there. Some people donated books.”

Another middle-aged woman spoke to us, on the verge of tears.

COVID-19 PATIENT “The country is making lots of efforts to save us. But the local government’s actions at the beginning of the outbreak were too slow.”

I’m wearing a protective suit similar to what the doctors and nurses have here. A patient mistook me for his doctor.

Mr. Ye: Thank you, doctor.

Reporter: I’m not a doctor. I’m a reporter.

Mr. Ye is a minority ethnic and a Muslim from China’s Qinghai Province. He was infected during a trip to Wuhan.

Mr. Ye: As for the food, they offered me some Halal food.

Reporter: They have special halal food here?

Mr. Ye: Yes, exactly. They deliver it right to my bed.

Reporter: Do you need to pay for the food and the medical treatment here?

Mr. Ye: No, no, no. The government takes care of everything.

Thursday is Miss Shen’s fourth day in the makeshift hospital. I WeChatted her to confirm her situation there.

“Our daily lives and medical conditions are improving every day. But since there are so many patients here, I can adapt. Medical workers are working very hard. They should be taken better care of.”