The Heat: Race for White House as Trump battles Democrats

The Heat

Controversy continues in Washington as U.S. President Donald Trump bypasses lawmakers in an attempt to provide economic relief.

Meanwhile, the country has now reported more than five million cases of COVID-19.

The political opponents are literally trillions apart.

So when talks broke down between the White House and Democratic lawmakers, President Trump made good on his threat to take unilateral executive action.

There remains a debate over whether he has the constitutional authority – but, for the moment, with Americans in need of economic relief — the question is whether negotiators will return to the table and find common ground.

For more, we turn to CGTN’s Nathan King at the White House. 

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  • Amy Holmes is a writer for HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher”  and columnist for the Swiss weekly “Die Weltwoche”.
  • Steve Chaggaris is a political journalist and analyst.
  • Ameshia Cross , Democratic strategist, and commentator 
  • Jadan Horyn,  contributor, Metropolitan Magazine and a conservative commentator

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