The Heat: Fears of second wave of Covid-19

The Heat

Coronavirus deaths worldwide are near 1 million, most of them here in the United States: more than 2 hundred thousand lives lost.

And the outlook is dire for the country: COVID-19 infections rose in 21 states last week.

It could impact schools reopening and the easing of restrictions.

CGTN’s White House correspondent Nathan King has this report.

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  • Dr. William Moss is the Executive Director at International Vaccine Access Center.
  • Dr. Calvin Sun is an emergency room physician and a professor in emergency medicine.

The European Union’s Health Commissioner warned that the continent is at a “decisive” point in dealing with its second wave of COVID-19 infections.

The U.K. and France registered a record number of daily infections of Covid-19, late last week, forcing both countries to enact restrictions. In the U.K., masks will be mandatory for certain types of workers and bars will have to close at 10 pm.

In some urban areas of France, including Paris, restaurants will also have to close at 10 pm. But in cities like Marseille, bars and restaurants must stay shut until further notice, which sparked protests. Many owners say they will have to close their businesses for good. 

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