Full Frame: Green Technology

Full Frame

Technology, like smart farming and electric vehicles, is helping the globe transition to a clean future. Are humans ready to adopt these solutions?

One major pollution contributor is transportation. It accounts for a quarter of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, mainly from cars and trucks. Could there be a sustainable solution that would help our climate crisis? Full Frame host Mike Walter talks with Lewis Liu of electric car company Karma Automotive.

In the 1990s, freshwater was plentiful in Colombia. It ranked fourth in the world for the quantity of freshwater per resident. But, by 2015 that global ranking dropped down to 24. As water scarcity becomes a growing concern around the world, Full Frame looks at the efforts some people are making to protect water sources.

Climate change is forcing people to confront hard decisions about how they live. Is the moral imperative to save the planet enough to change deeply ingrained habits? To understand the human behavior side of climate change, Full Frame host, Mike Walter, speaks with conservationist Brett Jenks.