The Heat: US post election turmoil

The Heat

The United States passed 10 million coronavirus cases on Monday while, once again, topping its prior day record for new infections. Nearly 240-thousand people have died. It’s a grim reminder of the massive challenge facing Joe Biden. The projected winner of the US presidential election spent time on Monday meeting with his newly formed coronavirus advisory board, while President Trump went to court over his claims of widespread voter fraud. 

CGTN’s White House correspondent Nathan King reports.

Joining the panel:

  • Ameshia Cross is a Democratic strategist and political commentator.
  • Jadan Horyn is a writer and conservative commentator.
  • Aaron Mate’ is the host of “Pushback with Aaron Mate’ on the Grayzone’s digital platform.
  • Frank Sesno is the former director of George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs and currently heads the University’s strategic initiatives.

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