The Heat: BRICS Summit and China-U.S. relations

The Heat

The BRICS Summit, which is being hosted by Russia, is taking place virtually this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech to the international gathering on Tuesday by video link from Beijing. He discussed several important issues including the fight against the coronavirus, the global economy and the need for international cooperation. The China-US relationship has been strained during the Trump Administration. How might that change under a Biden presidency?

Joining the panel:

  • Einar Tangen is a political and economic affairs commentator.
  • Yukon Huang is a Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Asia Program.
  • Sourabh Gupta is a resident senior fellow with the Institute for China-America Studies.
  • Anton Fedyashin is a Russian affairs expert and a professor of history at American University.

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