The Heat: U.S. politics

The Heat

Three weeks after the election, Joe Biden announced his top choices for key government positions as he prepares to become the 46th U.S. President.

On Monday, a key government agency acknowledged Biden as the apparent winner of the U.S. presidential election, giving his team access to government resources and funding. U.S. President Donald Trump is still not conceding the election.

The move comes at a critical time for the United States, with COVID-19 cases skyrocketing out of control. To date, more than 258,000 Americans have died, with cases topping 12 million. CGTN’s White House Correspondent Nathan King has more. 

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  • Kate Tulenko is the founder and CEO of Corvus Health, a global health firm.
  • Katie Barlow is a lawyer and the host of “Words Matter” podcast.
  • Adolfo Franco is an attorney and a Republican strategist.
  • Douglass Sloan is the Principal and Senior Political Analyst with National Capitol Strategy Group.

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