The Heat: China Economic Strategy

The Heat

Chinese government officials will meet later this month at this year’s Central Economic Work Conference to discuss the country’s economic performance.

Talks are expected to center around China’s recovery from the pandemic and economic goals in the latest Five-Year Plan. Forecasters are predicting a growth rate of about 8 percent next year — driven by consumption, manufacturing investment and exports. But questions remain about the impact of the global pandemic and the approach U.S. President-elect Joe Biden will take towards Beijing amid ongoing tensions between the two countries.

To discuss:

  • William Lee is a chief economist with the Milken Institute.
  • Yan Liang is an economics professor at Willamette University.
  • Einar Tangen is a political and economic affairs commentator. 
  • John Gong is an economics professor at the University of International Business and Economics.

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