COVID-19 redefines the workplace

World Today

As countries around the world battle the COVID-19 pandemic, some employers have had to change how their organizations get work done and from where.

In this series, CGTN’s Hendrik Sybrandy explores how the pandemic has impacted the workplace and our mental health.

For the past year, the focus for all of us during this pandemic has been on keeping safe. That’s posed some real challenges on the job front. While many people have been able to work from home, frontline workers have not had that luxury. Companies that rely on offices and physical workspaces have also had to adjust. How has that gone?

The pandemic has taken not just a huge physical toll, it’s affected people emotionally as well.

Many people started to work remotely amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Will this trend stay after the pandemic ends?

See how the COVID-19 pandemic has inspired us to change our office setting.