The Heat: Africa, India and Guatemala face damaging impact from climate crisis

The Heat

Extreme weather has underscored the urgency for global cooperation on climate change.

As the climate crisis accelerates, Africa is warming fast, with the most vulnerable hit the hardest. Experts warn that India will likely face irreversible damage from increasing heat waves, droughts and erratic rainfall if it doesn’t reduce its carbon footprint.

And climate patterns in Guatemala have produced years of failed harvests, forcing a growing number of people to consider migration to escape food insecurity and poverty.

To discuss:

  • Chris Lennard is a senior researcher with the University of Cape Town’s Climate System Analysis Group.
  • Edwin Castellanos is director of the Sustainable Economic Observatory at the University of the Valley of Guatemala.
  • Lisa Viscidi heads the Inter-American Dialogue’s Energy, Climate Change and Extractive Industries Program. 
  • Sweta Chakraborty is the president of U.S. operations for “We Don’t Have Time”. That’s the social network that launched environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

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