Line Producer, Business News

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Work For Us

Job Title: Line Producer

Job location: Washington, D.C.

Job description:

We are now seeking a Line Producer for Business News to join CGTN America. The editorial output features business and economic news including the Americas/Asia trade and investment issues with a special focus on China and the United States.


Key Responsibilities

-Create compelling fast paced and informative business news programs under deadline pressure

-Make sure program is timed properly and has logical flow of news stories

-Participate in editorial planning and direction of the show

-Pitch creative and innovative ideas for segments and guests

-Communicate effectively with anchors, reporters, producers, writers and editors

-Collaborates with Executive Producer, Managing Editor, and control room staff on stacking segments, teases, and elements

-Make sure program is timed properly and has logical flow of news stories

-Contribute to social media as needed



-Have extensive experience in live television (preferably at an international news network)

-Have a basic understanding of economic, finance and business news developments

-Finance and business news experience preferred but not a must

-Have a proven track record of working with news production and has a strong journalistic background.

-Can work under pressure

-Excel working with a culturally and ethnically diverse staff

-Be willing to take a writing and general business knowledge test as part of application process




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